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I write. I write a lot. I write on my hand if I have to. I also love to write with a partner and that partner happens to be my mom. As strange as that may sound, it’s awesome, because we have this amazing shorthand that’s already built-in. She also makes a mean sandwich.


No More Lies

‘NO MORE LIES’ is about a man who has lost his past and a young girl who has no future, but together, they have all they need.



‘NO MORE LIES’ is about a street smart, twelve year old con artist, who is forced to fend for herself on the seedy streets of New Orleans. She plays a dangerous game of deception, when she cons a stranger, bent on revenge with nothing to lose. Her web of lies untangles into the unexpected… the fatherly love that she had been missing.


A.K.A. Moe Greene

“You come to the time in your life, when the motherfucker tells ya, you got cancer. And not as friendly as the first time. This one’s gonna kill me. He figures I have five months before I take a cab. Tops. So, yeah. I’m pissed. But the crazy thing is, I shoulda been killed once or twice back in the day. I wasn’t always Alex Rocco.”

Born Alessandro Federico Petricone, Jr. to Italian immigrants in 1936. He grew up in Somerville, Massachusetts, the home of the Winter Hill Gang.

“These guys were fuckin’ cool. They all packed. Plenty were made. Some did time. More would. This is what it’s all about. We had these guys down. Dressed like ‘em. Walked like ‘em. Smoked like ‘em. I was gonna be one of ‘em.”

This is his story… his somewhat comical rise, as a ‘wannabe gangster’ kid, to a full fledged bookie… losing his wife and child to his boss, Howie Winter... getting arrested in 1959, along with 27 other bookies… his stint at Billerica House of Correction… the Labor Day incident that touched off the Boston Irish Gang War of the 1960s… and his 1961 arrest for questioning, along with ‘Winter Hill’ boss, Buddy McLean, following the death of the Charlestown Mob boss, Bernie McLaughlin - the first murder of the war.

“1972. I got made. But not in Boston. I got made in Hollywood when Mr. Coppola cast me, as Moe fuckin’ Greene, in ‘The Godfather.’ I didn’t know it then, but I just got a piece of the ‘American Dream.’”


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