SEAN DOYLE joined Carson Productions in the summer of ‘86 and never looked back. At 18, he was the youngest staff member working on their television lineup, including “Amen”, “Dear John” and “Mr. President” with George C. Scott. Within three months, he was promoted to Personal Production Assistant to Ed. Weinberger, the President of Carson Productions.

Sean’s interest shifted a year later. MTV was becoming a huge success and he believed the short format of music videos and the technological breakthroughs, in equipment, made the television commercial industry compelling and creatively stimulating. He joined up with director Peter O’Fallon and producer Norman Reiss at Cucoloris Films, Inc. and eventually moved with them to Crossroads Films.

At Crossroads Films, Sean moved from Production Assistant through the rank of Producer, diligently absorbing every facet of production. He had the pleasure of a ten-year collaboration in defining brands such as BMW, Pepsi International, and Nike, to name a few, and pushed the technology envelope with celebrated directors Mark Pellington (“Arlington Road”, “The Mothman Prophecies”) and Peter O’Fallon (“Suicide Kings”, “A Rumor Of Angels”).

In 2005, Sean left the commercial world to focus on writing and directing his own material, creating FILMops Entertainment. “Ready or Not” was his directorial debut. Sean has also written a handful of screenplays, including ‘No More Lies’ and ‘a.k.a. Moe Greene’ based on his stepfather, Alex Rocco, best known for playing Moe Greene in ‘The Godfather’.

Sean believes that life is all about balance. So when he had the opportunity to open a yoga studio, in Brooklyn, with his friend & favorite teacher, Ossi Raveh, he never hesitated. In 2014, Brooklyn Yoga Project was born.

2015 brought another collaboration, but this time as a beautiful boutique post production facility. The Foundation is a post house started by Technicolor veterans, Gareth Cook and Clifton Dugan, in partnership with Sixteen19 and Vortechs.

Be Bold. Be Kind. Be True.